In this lesson, you will learn to make the HTML lists look visually appealing by changing the list item types, removing default stylings as well as adding text formatting and font properties. Linked list data storage works best with data arrays in which one doesn t know how large the array will need to be or when there is a certainty of more data being added or subtracted at later times. This example has no new code to figure out, but the page shows some interesting components: Links: Each list item contains a link. The target attribute can have one of the following values: Use target="_blank" to open the linked document in a new browser window or tab: Both examples above are using an absolute URL (a full web address) Wrap each link in a div tag. Right click on the page and select Open All Links on This Page. For a complete list of all available HTML tags, visit our HTML Tag Reference. Links in HTML even look different from regular text without any CSS styling at all. We will now go threw a table with the list of links tags and there description. The anchor element tag is the letter “a” surrounded by angle brackets like this: . Here's an overview of the lists and their data sources. Katherine Kato; November 4, 2019; Links. Notice this list of links to books written by a certain author. This list is created by using HTML