Sun Mountain Golf Bags. What a waste of $280.00 on this bag will stick with the stay dry. Since everything is divided by divider so you can organize them all very beautifully. I bought a Ping Pioneer (Red/Graphite) after reading last years #1 ranking. We then rank the products, explain why, and give awards to the best performing products. I suggest trying out the Top-Lok before investing. The best feature of the Pioneer is the HUGE built-in cooler. BUT IT SURE IS CONVENIENT…….AND IT IMPRESSES THE “NEWBIES” AS MUCH AS ME SHOOTING MY AGE ALMOST EVERY ROUND- I AM 82. Umbrella holder Putter gets stuck in the slot, separations do not go all the way to the bottom of the bag, the bag is not water proof , umbrella goes through one of the side pockets and catches on clothing inside the bag, only has one ring for towels, pockets leak, the handle is on the wrong side, bag cover took me three tries and four buddies to put on by then it was not needed as everything was wet by the time we figured it out. Not to mention sun screen, rain gear and so on. Sun Mountain’s many innovations, including the first lightweight golf bag and modern stand bag, have made it the top golf bag company in North America. There is a clip inside one of the large side pockets to clip your keys so they don’t get lost in the bottom of any of the other pockets. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Canvas ... 4 colors . Phone Orders & Info: 1-877-738-5248. The key features for me being the overall weight, 6 LBS, and more importantly,the four way full length dividers. Product description. Featuring 14 full-length dividers to organize your clubs easily, multiple forward-facing pockets for easy access on a golf cart, and a cart strap pass-through that allows the bag to be secured to the cart without hindering pocket access, this is our choice for the best Sun Mountain Golf Bag. Both were heavy, but I strap it onto my push cart so no big deal there.

The C130 is Sun Mountains best-selling cart bag. View the Sun Mountain Sports online catalog. I’ve now gone back to a staff bag (Callaway) without dividers and find it much, much better to use than cart bags. First in my opinion is the Ogio Silencer. We do understand that the straps might interfere with the zips on a push cart, but the vast majority of cart bags on the market are designed for cart use functionality only. So does Titleist and Ping .they have one long pocket and one small pocket. P.S. 14-15 individual full length dividers, no tangling please, very important, golf is hard enough. I’d love a putter well – one that’s large enough for oversized grips that are so popular these days. Gift Certificate. We test in the lab and in the field. DID YOU KNOW: If only 1% of MyGolfSpy readers donated $25, we would be able to become completely independent in 12-months. EASE OF CLUB REMOVAL AND STORAGE FOR ALL KINDS OF STUFF IS PRIMARY, SO I STILL P-LAY A BIG OLD TOUR BAG. While some golfers do use cart bags on push carts, our tests focused on usability while attached to a driving cart. I have and love the Sun Mountain C-130. I have a nike performance bag with 14 individual dividers and i bought 14 of those black tubes for about a buck a piece. While there are a ton of choices in the market, Sun Mountain is known for making high-quality golf products, especially stand and cart bags. I’m a push cart user and I’d love if these tests evaluated which cart bag is best when that orientation. Without seeing how you determined features ranking and the features considered, the results for that column are meaningless. It even has enough pockets facing the right direction to work well during a round. It’s a set up that could well last the rest of my playing days. ADD TO CART. I notice that you didn’t include the Sun Mountain C-130, which this year has a lift-up top pocket section that would work for a push cart. If these had top straps like a riding cart, many of the top bags would work. Umbrella sleeve, divot tool pocket are a nice touch. Best utility bag at a reasonable price. My golf bag buying decision is purely on looks. Fall 2017/ Spring ... Fall 2015/ Spring 2016 Outerwear. Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment research. If shoes fit, awesome Style (10 points) – Score is established by considering what we believe the majority of consumers would deem stylish, not whether the individual tester likes the look of the bag. I play with too many people who stuff their bags so full there is almost no room for my bag on the cart. Build Your Own Bag - C-130. Since 1981, Sun Mountain has been making golf bags and apparel. And for those saying “_________ bag is better because (some small feature that’s important to them)” – these tests are designed to determine the best products for MOST golfers, not you specifically. Black. I just took a 2018 C-130 back. I have the PING DLX based on last year’s reviews and it doesn’t disappoint. Different strokes as they say. Top Diameter: 11.0″ I have three Bennington bags. Sun Mountain's many innovations, including the first lightweight golf bag and modern stand bag, have made it the top golf bag company in North America. Yep! Sun Mountain - Eco-Lite Carry Bag - 2021 Range. Sun Mountain Golf Bags. His job is to cut through all the marketing and inform you, the consumer, what the best products are. There are four types of golf bags made by Sun Mountain. If you can’t through, that is OK, I can’t find this kind of bag anywhere, I’ll take some more socks. Capacity for a 12 pack in the cooler pocket. 14 true full length dividers. Several key findings from that research influenced the updated bag testing process. The 14-way top, separate putter well, full-length dividers, single shoulder strap, nine forward facing pockets and approximately six pounds of weight are features the Sun Mountain Sync shares with Sun Mountain cart bags. We believe in always putting #ConsumerFirst. The MyGolfSpy mission is simple: conduct and publish the most objective and comprehensive product tests in the golf industry. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Please do a Sunday bag review! 33260 Highlands Lane. I too would love a push cart bag combo evaluation. Sun Mountain 2020 2.5+ Stand Golf Bag… I’ve even called different bags suppliers and asked if their bag had the full-length, individual club dividers and was assured that their cart bag did have that feature only to find that after receiving the bag that wasn’t true. Weight: 6.0 lbs How the bag sits on a golf cart. That is our main purpose here at MyGolfSpy. Sun Mountain produces golf carry bags, cart bags, push carts, golf travel bags, and golf rainwear and outerwear. It was a big upgrade from what I had been using. Bobby jones makes a great bag for the Sunday golfer. It’s more than generous enough. Currently I’m using a RJ Sports bag with a tube on both sides. Best Overall is our highest overall scoring bag, and awards are awarded to the top five cart bags. Ease of removal from and storage in, my car Sure. Like the 2.5+, the 3.5 LS is constructed with lightweight nylon fabric, high-strength-to-weight plastic, and carbon fiber legs. Its 2Five golf bag weighs only two and a half pounds. Put the consumer first, In the How We Tested: “While some golfers do use cart bags on push carts, our tests focused on usability while attached to a driving cart.”. None of the clubs wanted to come out. The top design is the biggest issue. Insulated pocket for valuables And I’d like to know the interior height of the bags. Ping bags are top quality that’s for sure. Whether it be shoes, bags or gloves Harry has your back. Only negative is they get heavy when loaded with clubs, balls, and other equipment. Weight (5 points) – All bags are ranked based on weight, and then assigned relative scores. We carry a large variety of golf products including custom club options at no additional charge! The Sun Mountain Sync has many of the desired features in both carry and cart bags, though it leans more toward the typical cart bag design. One thing that isn’t mentioned is the key ring holder inside the side pocket. I’m torn as to which I’d rather have. Generous cooler with drainage holes (why they all don’t have them is baffling). And not many cart bags are good on push carts. Outside of that it was a great cart bag. Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Golf Stand Bag The 3.5 LS weighs 3.5 pounds and is designed for the golfer who loves our popular 2.5+ but wants a few more features. Published June 25, 2018 Updated June 26, 2018. One factor the is imperative for me is eliminate bag chatter causing nicks in the clubs. It was well thought out and had lots of pockets. Sun Mountain 2020 4.5 LS 14-Way Stand Golf Bag. Finding the right product for your needs isn’t just a time-consuming process, it can be stressful. Cadet/Inferno/Gunmetal. The c-130 has been best selling cart bag in my shop for 7 straight years and it’s not even close. I really liked the Pioneer’s full length club dividers and the pockets down the front. The heaviest bag received 2.75 points. The number of pockets is not important here, only how much stuff the bag fits. There are four types of golf bags made by Sun Mountain. Balls I’m glad to see that someone actually bought a NEVR LOOZ cart bag. The Sun Mountain 3.5 LS Stand golf bag weighs just 3.5 pounds and is designed for the specific golfers who are fans of the Sun Mountain’s hugely popular 2Five but need a few more features. 7.6 lbs. For those saying “why don’t I see ______ bag?” If you don’t see one, complain to that company – you can’t test/rate something you don’t get. Bag Boy Defender. It is available both in cart and carry style bags. Most are to bulky with to many pockets and top openings of 9 to 10″ to small. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), adidas Celebrates 30 Years With EQT Collection, Great one finger magnetic rangefinder pocket, Velcro has a slight tendency to snag when taking clubs in and out, Great water bottle holder designed to handle leaks, Perfectly positioned cart strap pass-through, Some of the pockets are not completely functional, Tiny snag on the side of the divider when pulling clubs, Well-positioned strap pass-through doesn’t interfere with storage, Handle on dividers digs when picking up bag, Cooler pocket is placed where ball pocket is typically found, Well designed pockets are easily accessible, Dividers are positioned well and work with ease, Multiple magnetic pockets for easy access, Great use of magnetic pockets for all major storage. Add to cart. So you don’t feel like you lost them after every round. Get the best deals on Sun Mountain Golf Black Stand Bags when you shop the largest online selection at I want to feel secure if I put my wallet or some tip money in my bag while I leave my bag unattended for a few minutes (bathroom break, bag guy stowing bag on cart while I check in, going to get refreshments, taking a couple of clubs with me to the putting, chipping or other practice area while I leave my bag on the cart, etc.). You need two not one. I get it. Learn how your comment data is processed. The numbers are more meaningful than ever. I occasionally use a push cart, and it was terrible as a push cart bag. I do like the looks of the Mizuno bag but I currently use a Titleist Deluxe Cart Bag. I have Grip Master kangaroo leather grips on all clubs, and the tackiness of the grips really make it difficult to pull one club. We put in hours of testing utilizing data-driven protocols to test new metrics. I would have liked to see how it stacks up to the others (it is expensive!). I just bought a Ping Traverse based on last year’s test and couldn’t be happier with it. For me, that is a critical feature. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. Visit our PGA Pro Shop: Highlands Golf Club. Just a note that anyone buying the bag, may want to check the interior to make sure that everything is stitched properly. $34.99. Roomy, 4-way top for spacious organization $10 FLAT ... Fall 2018/ Spring 2019 Bags. Check out the latest bags at PGA TOUR Superstore! any Test without c-130 or sync from sun mountain just doesn’t count in my book. Any other info/thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated. Every dollar will help. That’s a carry bag. One key to our testing protocols is that we test every category head-to-head. Kind of surprised it wasn’t in the mix this year, but it is basically the same as the Pioneer only with a vinyl shell which I like better. You do know this a review of CART bags, you know the kind that are strapped to your golf cart. After using SunMountain Bags for Many years (had 3 C-130 models) this Ping Pioneer is great. Has all the features I wanted and has been a wonderful bit of kit-cooler (awesome), key clip, magnetic pouch for the RF etc. I’m about to make the switch and I’m fearing the club chatter will be worse. $50.00. Here at MyGolfSpy, we feel the best reviews are those that help you make the right choices and help you get the most out of your time and money. It is not that the stitching began to unravel. Earlier this year, I bought a Ping Pioneer for my wife, and she likes it very much – replaced a favorite old Ogio bag. Score was determined by a compilation of the sub-categories below: Final grades were awarded based on total scores. It features: Weight: 6.0 lbs Top Dividers: 4-way Top Diameter: 11.0″ Pockets: 10 Vinyl fabric construction is easy to clean and looks great Roomy, 4-way top for spacious organization Molded bottom fits securely on riding or push/pull carts Two velour-lined valuables pockets What ranking you gave to each individual feature compared to every other feature would also prove instructive. They make great clubs but bags not so much. Golf Digest released its list of Best Golf Bags and Push Carts for 2018 and it includes five Sun Mountain golf bags: 2.5+, 4.5 LS Supercharged, H2No Lite, C-130 Supercharged, and ClubGlider Meridian, and Pathfinder 3 push cart. Use the information and rankings as a starting point, then make your own decision. It features: Leather Cart Bag. Rush Greeen/Green. We carry top brands like Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Sun Mountain & more! I agree, most push cart users use cart bags. $549.99. Happy golfing #truthdigest. The Sun Mountain 2018 Golf Bag range The H2NO Superlite is the premium option and is available in both stand and cart bag in four colour options. FIND A RETAILER. I’m on the short side so my shorter clubs tend to hang by the toe, especially my expensive putter with its 30″ shaft. This is not a luxury, but a necessity.) Fall 2018/ Spring 2019 Outerwear. 2 hard shell lined valuable pockets (huge for those that wear eyeglasses. Range finder I’ve had two Ping Pioneer bags and love them. There are 14 full-length club dividers in which you can easily keep 14 club faces. And the zippers are quality. Just a follow-up. Perhaps next year you could include Nevr Looz. Would you get another one if needed? Velcro or magnets to close the pockets. Why Buy Sun Mountain ; Blog; Find Retailer. Most bags advertise that they have that but don’t. 7 dividers with a putter well. Tees Copyright 2021. For the SLX, we chose the X-Strap® Dual Strap System which provides superior balance, maximum adjustability and allows the golfer to carry it as a single strap bag as easily as a dual strap bag. Everyone on a course today has a cell phone either on ring or vibrate). For 30 years Sun Mountain has been a pioneer in the golf industry, revolutionizing golf bags, golf outerwear and golf carts. I was disappointed that this Ogio model was left off of the contender list. 5 colors . You can’t test them all. #ConsumerFirst. The only problem was clubs sometimes were hard to get in and out ,I play 5times a week and this bag has stood the riggers of in the car on carts and still is in good shape. Have a good summer Santa, may you be long and straight, Zippers are easy to use and never snag, quality of the bag is awesome. I use a cart bag by “Nevr Looz” – see it on the web. Divot repair tools, ball markers, misc. You provide a great service for a very modest price. The cleveland has a putter well on the outside of the bag if that helps you. A feature none of the other top contenders have. MINE SAYS TOPFLITE ON THE SIDES AND STILL HAS MANY YEARS OF SERVICE LEFT IN IT. Some cold storage but couldn’t care less about 6 or 12 cans of beer or whatever. Fall 2014/ Spring 2015 Golf Bags. The kicker is the the Top-Lok tech. GPS storage Top Dividers: 4-way It prioritizes ease of use. £189.00. One of the larger pocket interiors began to pull away from the stitching area. They make carry bags, cart bags, leather bags, and more. >> READ MORE, Buyer's Guide - The Best Cart Bags for 2018 {View Results}. More deep pockets than you need and the clubs slide in and out with ease. We are here for you, the consumer and happy with helping you with your decision on cart bags. Within golf outerwear, Sun Mountain redefined golf-specific performance first with the windshirt, then fleece, and again with its … My opinion: Bags should be light, 4 to 5 dividers, 10″ to 11″ top opening and a lot less pockets. Bought my ping pioneer after it won last years award too. A few of the pockets by the putter well are more triangle shaped and it is difficult to pull clubs with midsize grips. To me, there’s not a better bag on the market than their quiet organizer series. Selected as Golf Digest Editors' Choice Cart Bag for the second year in a row, the C-130 has long been Sun Mountain's best-selling cart bag. For 2018, the new 2.5+ will have increased durability, increased comfort, and more storage. Anyone that cherishes their clubs should put this bag at the top of their list. To all you guys concerned about how many cans your golf bags will accommodate: how about you just go to a bar and leave the golf to those of use who walk, play sober and finish a round in 3 hours. I PLAY AT A HIGH END PUBLIC CLUB -5 DAYS A WEEK- AND HAVE NEVER A NEED TO HANDLE MY BAG, UNLESS I AM GOING TO SOME OTHER PLACE ON AN INVITE, SO WEIGHT IS NO FACTOR. Established in 1981 by Rick Reimers, Sun Mountain is synonymous with innovations in golf equipment including its golf bags. Survey questions provided to testers were developed to combat any brand-driven favoritism on the part of the individual respondent. We spend thousands of hours testing and researching products to help you get the most out of your game. Ping Pioneer was a finalist for me, in the end I ended up going with the Taylormade Supreme cart bag for two reasons: The zippers are heavy duty, so they should last forever and the outer pockets did a better job holding my rain gear. Fall 2013/ Spring 2014 Golf Bags. I go to play golf, not drink. Fall 2014/ Spring 2015 Outerwear. Holds a 6 pack cooler in the main garment pocket easily and looks better than any cart bag on the market…. They have both men's and women's golf bags, so that you can get on with your golf game. Which is great if you aren’t concerned about being prepared for everything. Selected as Golf Digest Editors' Choice Cart Bag for the second year in a row, the C-130 has long been Sun Mountain's best-selling cart bag. Learn More. Never have to look for my keys after my round, they’re clipped in there always easy to find. Golf Bags 2018: Sun Mountain Lightweight Series. All this is accomplished while maintaining the classic look of an unpretentious staff bag with minimal signage. I love this bag. Not to mention, in 2018 the Sun Mountain C130 was named “Golf Digest editors choice” for the best cart bag in the game. Two velour-lined valuables pockets stuff Also, the original strap couldn’t handle the weight and failed twice on the short walks from home to car or car to cart. Sun Mountain 2018 3.5 LS Stand Golf is A Super Light Golf Bag offering durability and top performance. The challenge would probably be the enormous amount of combinations. But the additional pockets and the Top-Lok feature made it a no brainer for me. January 17, 2018. Sun Mountain is making it even easier to stay connected while you’re on the course. Cart strap arrangement and interference with other features (towel, pockets, etc.) ADD TO CART. It keeps clubs locked in and completely stops bag chatter. We’re always fine-tuning the process to make sure we’re collecting the best data possible. Since 1981, Sun Mountain has been making golf bags and apparel. Sure, someone is not carrying them, however, with a push cart it adds quite a bit. Is it heavy when full? WAS: $239.99 *. The bag I would like to see is a cart/stand bag hybrid bag with bigger pockets without zippers. Three full-length apparel pockets Hidden interior pocket(s). One more example of the terrific job MGS does on testing. It is unique in quality as well as it can hold more carts. What types of Sun Mountain golf bags are there? Storage (42.5 points) – In this category, we consider the functionality and capacity of the pockets. It was tested I think in 2017, pretty sure it was ’17. Sun Mountain Sports is the design innovator in men's stand and cart golf bags. Weight-saving components used by Sun Mountain include carbon-fiber legs, high strength-to-weight plastics, and ultra-lightweight fabric. I recognize features, like style, are totally individual, but that’s my checklist. Going with the Ping Pioneer or Callaway Org 15 (despite the $280 price). It has not affected the overall use, and I have had anything go through the larger hole that was created as yet. I don’t go anywhere without my Ogio silencer bag. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I think what we’re both saying is that we’d like to see you go more in depth in the evaluation, like you usually do with other equipment. Would be nice to have an evaluation of which bag presents the clubs best when in this orientation. Also if someone is lifting them in and out of a vehicle it makes a difference. And we carry pretty much all of them. All Rights Reserved, Sign up to receive email updates about Sun Mountain products, New Sun Mountain Outerwear Combines Popular Features, New Sun Mountain Outerwear Features Break-Through Insulation, Golf Digest Features Two Sun Mountain Products, Finn Cycle Wins Golf Digest Editors’ Choice, ClubGlider Pro Awarded Golf Digest Editors’ Choice, Golf Digest Names Pathfinder the Best Golf Push Cart. The 4 holes in the center somehow get tangled and pulling/replacing clubs from those holes was a chore. $229.99. Truth be told I almost went with the Ping Pioneer last year. It seems the ball pockets are on the opposite side from the carry handle so it’s not easy to place the bag on the cart with the ball pockets facing you. I use midsized grips and i don’t have any problems with the club’s coming out of the bag. My forged irons don’t have a single chatter dent in them. I think one of the most overlooked things in a golf bag are hanger loops. Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? Also, more specific Best in Class recognitions are awarded to bags in certain categories (like storage, lightweight, etc.) Forgot to mention…..It doesn’t have an outside putter tube. Have been strongly considering purchasing a NEVR LOOZ, but still on the fence. golf bags sun mountain. Turned out to be a non issue. Harry recently turned professional after being a two time All-American in golf and soccer. Would love to see a stat for # of cans the insulated beverage compartment will hold. during practice time. My cart bag is the Sun Mountain 2018 Tour Series Staff Golf Bag. We score each product across a range of weighted categories. Our panel of testers was encouraged to load and unload clubs from the bag as they would during a typical round of golf. I agree the Bennington bag with clubs in separate club holes around the perimeter, three divider slots in the center, and separate putter well on side, some have putter well on each side. to wit, my putter so equipped won’t fit in the external putter well of our older bag. Adapted from Sun Mountain's best-selling C-130 cart bag, the C-130S is designed primarily for cart use, with a stand system added for the range. Finn Cycle Wins Golf Digest Editors’ Choice. On the other hand, in some of the poorer performing bags, while the potential for greater functionality exists, stitching inhibited the use of the storage. From Sun Mountain Golf: The SLX utilizes our most advanced strap and stand systems along with our patent-pending top design with three integrated handles. It also provides easy access when retrieving and replacing clubs to and from the bag during the round without looking for that one empty small tube like opening. We love to hear what the consumers thoughts are and will take into account your suggestion for next years testing. $319.99. Sun Mountain 2020 3.5 LS Stand Golf Bag. These Sun Mountain golf bags charge your phone while you play. Putter well(s) They make carry bags, cart bags, leather bags, and more. Skip to main content. D. I used a Titleist stay dry carry bag which also worked well on my push cart. Top designed such that longer clubs go in the back/shorter clubs in front to work well with riding and push carts. Where is the Sun Mountain C-130. For example, the lightest bag in the test received 5 points, second lightest received 4.75 points, and so on. However, I would think if they chose a standard cart that would at least give an idea as to the functionality of the bag on a cart in general. Cooler pouch optional, I can buy beer from the cute beer cart girls.

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