Crud #180

Submitted by Shiranui Hanten on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 02:56

I have a little brother who is 6 years old, he is potty trained, but the thing is, he is afraid of the toilet because he watched a movie where a kid got sucked into the toilet when he flushed it.

He still uses the toilet but heres something funny.

He watched something on animal planet about plants and fertilizer and how cow dung is used as fertilizer for plants, so when he needed to go poo, he was afraid this one time to use the toilet and went outside into our back yard near the flowers and plants our parents planted and started doing his 'business'

i came out looking for him and I screamed, "Ahhhh!? What are you doing!?"
And he responded all scared, "I-I'm making the flowers grow!" Then pulled up his shorts and ran back inside.

At least he helped the flowers grow.....Ha Ha Ha!