Crud #176

Submitted by passionfruit3 on Wed, 10/26/2011 - 20:12

so my sister told me this story about my cousins and ive decided to tell it to you so my cousins were in the living room when there mom comes in to see that there pouring water onto the carpet she asks what are you two doing to her son and daughter and the little girl says where trying to make something grow. So there mother says now its time to do this the right way im going to the store to get some pots and some soil. Then i had another incident my cousin name is lalia we decided to have a play date with my moms friends granddaughter both girls are close to two at the time. And lalia is the more hyper kid and a little bossy jordin the other baby takes time to getting use to. So at the start of the visit Jordan doesn't seem interested in lalia then at one point jordin comes to her nana and starts crying lalia stops jumping and looking at the baby decides to take her bottle and give her the bottle jordin graciously takes it and then again after lalia pushes jordin after not listening to the stop she clearly puts out for playing with lalias winnie the pooh toy. She takes the bottle. It was a great play date but in this case and many other cases the babies and kids where the stars lalia is the baby in the picture