Crud #168

Submitted by xxellolovexx on Mon, 10/24/2011 - 11:30

My boyfriends 11 yeah old sister is the blondest person every. I made brownies and she wanted to lick the bowl so i let her. i walked away to wash my hands came back and she had some brownie mix one her cheek and i told her "Katie u have chocolate on you'r face". So she go's and wipes her chin and asks "did i get it". So "i said no not even close" while shaking my head with a chuckle. so she grabs a paper towel and wets it and scrubs her chin again and asks "how bout now?". which now i laughing my but off. So she ask's "what so funny?". so i tell her "I said you'r cheek lol". So she grabs the welt paper towel and says "ohhh".