Crud #183

Submitted by Brynn56 on Sun, 10/30/2011 - 03:22

My baby sister is five going on fifteen. She always has a lot to say and does so with an amazing vocabulary. It was a hot day and we had just gotten into the car when she said, "Hurry turn on the car, it's sophisticating in here!" I was puzzled and could not figure out what she had meant, so I asked, "Sophisticating?" and she replied in an annoyed tone "Yes, sophisticating... Like it's so hot I can't breathe... Duh"... Suffocating and sophisticating do sound alike but sophisticating isn't even a word. I was surprised to hear the confidence in her pronouncing a word incorrectly because she usually will ask me, "Okay, tell me if I'm using this right..." (& that's when she says the word in question in a sentence)

*The warm car wasn't actually 'sophisticating'... However, she IS a drama queen (;

Crud #182

Submitted by Cristieex on Fri, 10/28/2011 - 22:43

So when I was just 5, I used to be VERY shy ! Everywhere my parents would take me, I wouldn't want to go.. only because I was too intimidated of myself.. So one day we went to my mom's distant friend's house, and we were all there just telling stories and laughing and joking around.. But then I need to use the restroom, so I went and started doing my business. Then I saw a GIGANTIC spider on the bath tub curtain. I got so scared, I didn't think twice in leaving the bathroom, so I ran out with my pants on the floor, without cleaning myself. So I went out and yelled, "Mommy Spider ! Help it's going to kill me !". Everyone thought i was insane, so everyone started to laugh and point at me. My mom and her friend went to see where was the insect so they could kill it, but then they never found it. So everyone just looked at me like if I was just trying to seek for attention. Now that's why I consider myself to be very shy in public places..

Crud #181

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 23:11

I remember a long while ago, I was with my 3 brothers trying to make a vacuum cleaner reverse(blow rather than suck). We spent around an hour on it; flipping switches, taking it apart, and trying to figure out how it worked.
Eventually, we got it working like we wanted! A few tricks and it was blowing air out so powerful it pushed my little brother back.
We thought it would be AWESOME if we got this rock and tried to launch it with our new vacuum cleaner discovery. We put the rock in the tube of our contraption and hit the on-switch. In the blink of an eye the rock was gone. My brothers and I all stood and watched as the rock hurled passed four houses... and hits a neighbors window. Needless to say, we made sure to stay inside for the rest of the day. (:Haha

Crud #180

Submitted by Shiranui Hanten on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 02:56

I have a little brother who is 6 years old, he is potty trained, but the thing is, he is afraid of the toilet because he watched a movie where a kid got sucked into the toilet when he flushed it.

He still uses the toilet but heres something funny.

He watched something on animal planet about plants and fertilizer and how cow dung is used as fertilizer for plants, so when he needed to go poo, he was afraid this one time to use the toilet and went outside into our back yard near the flowers and plants our parents planted and started doing his 'business'

i came out looking for him and I screamed, "Ahhhh!? What are you doing!?"
And he responded all scared, "I-I'm making the flowers grow!" Then pulled up his shorts and ran back inside.

At least he helped the flowers grow.....Ha Ha Ha!

Crud #178

Submitted by stephineellerbe on Thu, 10/27/2011 - 01:17

Just the other day my son was at the park with a friend in a busy downtown area, from about 15 feet away he said "look mom a balloon!" from 15 feet it sure didn't look like no balloon, i told him to drop it then took him to the bathroom to scrub his hands, i then went back to the playground to pick up the "balloon" and luckily it REALLY was a balloon. We learned to lessons that day, my son learned never to touch things on the ground and i learned to always check the surrounding area. :)