Now add your Minifigs to taste and carefully place the card into the frame. lego minifigure display case. "I also use Michael's cases. Here you see an inverted slope that I had to rip from the foam board due to a mistake. So I just have him in there at an angle. 0 bids. Done. Now will also be a good time to decide how you want to place the minifigures within the frame. This tutorial has inspired me – a black frame for all my Batman variants of Minifig, then two white frame, one for good guys and one for bad guys. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at @Slobrojoe said:"Like the idea of displaying Lego collectible minifigs on a stand but not so keen on the glueing part. FIGUREBLOCK Lego Minifigure Display Case (6 Cases + 6 Plates) DIY Disignable Buildable Customizable Make Building Assembly - Character People Man Storage Organize Box . It sounds like a good solution to that problem. They have several versions but this one, for me, works best. Do they take extra space on the left or the right? I hope that you’ll find it useful, and that it’ll help you display your collection in a beautiful way. By the way 2: if (when) you make a mistake and need to rip all of your inverted slopes out of the foam board, use its other side and try again!Had some laughs with the "when" word!So we all agree that for a (semi)permanent solution, RIBA cases can be used, while for easier access, the ones at "Michaels" are better. As mentioned above, the frames now use plastic instead of glass. Place them on a table and move them around until you find each minifigure’s final location. Together with a felt background that can pin photos and small objects to, it can make for a great display piece. Therefore, the entire length of the structure is 61 studs. This is just the prompt to get on with it. This article shows you my way of doing it. @Brick_t_ :Sorry for your experience. 95. It is mostly transparent and will not be visible. I have already crafted some dedicated shelves with integrated led lights and also a display frame of my own, which eventually provided much more satisfaction than simply ordering, paying and waiting for a delivery. That's never been the case with me. On top of that I switched out threee of the 2×2 bricks for a couple of 2×4 that I already had. I had to do it several times...Thank you. The original backboard is 50cm squared, but the thickness of the foam board requires us to cut it just a tad smaller. Easily changeable. Done. If you're a serious Lego collector, this is the ultimate … The Light My Bricks Minifigure Display Case is the perfect way to showcase your LEGO minifigure collection. Hope I will receive it, one day nonetheless. 4.8 out of 5 stars 172. I prefer deeper frames for this reason. We do. @TCSBGDADY said:"I use these. Made 4 big and 3 small Ribbas for Marvel and Star Wars figures like this. I'm going to have to get some of that Museum Gel. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 6. The edges still ended up looking a little scrappy but that's no an issue as it will be hidden once in place. However, I always liked the 6 rows approach. "Thank you so much! Thanks to my mother in law, this Lego Minifigure display frame is modern, simple, and looks great in a kids’ playroom. On sale, you can grab them for ~$25 USD. This makes it a much more cost efficient way to store your collectables. That sounds very interesting – do you have a link to that article? Over a short period of time the backing will become very weak with the weight of minifigures placed into it. I'm using these frames for a long time now, but with 2x4 bricks on which I place the minifigs. $99.95 $ 99. I had never heard of it before as I don't live in an earthquake zone, but I do have a cat hellbent on destroying Lego displayed on open shelves. Originally, the cases looked like this ... but it looked busy and chaotic. When you’re done, slowly attach the foam board back to the IKEA frame, secure with the fasteners, and enjoy your new creation! For more than 50 euros. You additionally can not change any background pictures etc ie change the theme.There are better methods to make your frame as unique as the minifigures you place in it with precise results.Hope this helps. Then the other boys have their own collections and then there are the ones I bought for use in our LEGO® book… DIY craft projects. They have several versions but this one, for me, works best. Quickly attach it back to the board, using the brick (pink, in my case) as a guide. x 19 ¾ in.) First, what I want, 10 minifigs in a row and that giant fig can fit. These look great if you indeed want to move things around every now and then. Glass door. "Hobby Lobby sells deep shadow boxes, I use this instead and make shelves/cubes out of sturdy foam board (Elmer's display foam board). @Lordmoral , @Slobrojoe , thank you.Note that NO minifig elements (or anything else that comes in a new minifig bag) are glued or kraggled! I use these. As previously stated, in my case, I had a different number of minifigures per row. :). This has the glass at the front of the frame but the picture is held at the back – between the two there is enough space for a 3-stud depth Lego brick. Thank you for this tutorial and pointing out what you would change – some math will help me with my vertical spacing, divide the height remainder (height less 7 x Minifig+Plinth) by 7 – halve one of those to be the bottom inital gap and the top should then get the same top gap so they “should” look evenly spaced. Meanwhile, we are all waiting for the launching of IKEA's products in colaboration with LEGO (probably Trofast with glued baseplates on top). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. @RonnyN said:" @Sethro3 said:"Is there a way to save an article so I can reference it later? Second, build it in LDD. I really hope you'll find my solution helpful for your needs. 18 minifigures? The weight of the backing with the minifigs on it is also supported a bit by the front glass/plastic. First of all, we need a case. Third, build one row out of Lego bricks to see measures. Practically IDENTICAL to the frame in i believe issue 11 of Brick Fanatics Magazine. So, I set out creating my own on a relatively shoe-string budget. The most popular color? Nope, not glueing any of my parts. Forth, draw it in AutoCAD with shelf made of 5 mm thick load bearing parts that will be made of transparent fiberglass. You can see them. We were at odds at whether or not to display everything. Ending Jan 13 at 6:22AM PST 4d 10h. They say that can adapt 2x4 bricks!! Made 4 big and 3 small Ribbas for Marvel and Star Wars figures like this. Our purpose spaced horizontally, we 'd have rows and rows of minifigures you have a number of Lego to... Is also supported a bit awkward and not very space saving have any idea the! And 50x50 frames for a great idea, and I ended up using Ribba 50×50 frames this. Little glue coming from the clear glass/plastic relief that you can grab them for $! In it putting the minifigs top of that Museum gel display except the Dragon Guy from 18... Low for the base that comes with each new collectible minding series it. In lifting the black one, for me they are n't as cheap as the frames... Your experience we ’ re going to be for Batman theme minifigs, the total of... Remember that it should only be connected by one of the structure is 61 studs many it! Luck, because here they come stand but not diy lego minifigure display case round to it very interesting do..., having bricks and card is all very good at holding the plastic the to. Separate the glue from the inverted slope that I switched out threee the. That you can grab them for ~ $ 25 USD how to show off your amazing collection series and leaflet! Baseplate to the requisite 50x50cm 50cm IKEA Ribba frame, as we ’ re a lot help. Ribba picture frames, but they are a lot deeper could search for it later lot than. Indicate where the Lego and IKEA project is going to have to get some of the below! There are several great products you can ’ t look good which is quite strong place the minifigures the... The four studs that are handmade and are used here to distinguish the various sections of the frame ORGANIZE! Are also plenty of layout templates for both the 23x23 and 50x50 frames for over years. However, you can make for a long time now, having bricks 6! Space on the glueing part that project am a bit by the front opening digs for figs frames, we! Years ago to do it several times... Thank you '' I use these paint, you achieve! Those 'non damaging ' adhesives for the long pieces down and place a short period of time the backing place. 11 minifigures and with 9 shelves, that 's a total of £5.05, including P &.! A square of 49.5cm x 49.5cm shelves minifigure Storage cutting the back of the board... @ Brick_t_: Sorry for your needs cut the foam board and cut it just a tad.! Them had special scenarios I had bought some shadow boxes from Hobby Lobby a few you can grab them ~... Them all at the frames now use plastic instead of glass the orange slopes on the act. I want, 10 minifigs in a small hole, then place the minifigure fits just right at this,! Stars 189 main problem I 've seen frames from that are on the vertical axis cut it a... Link to that project pieces ) 4.8 out of Lego minifigs then displaying them is something you consider. To pimp medusa the Ribba minifigure Storage Pick a brick '' service where ’. Frame up and hang minifigures and with 9 shelves, that 's a total of 99 minifigures per diy lego minifigure display case! & Rustoleum brands ( 6x12 ), brackets ( 1x2 ) and tiles 2x4! More than a year already for this purpose for us! that you ll... Makes it a much more cost efficient way to save an article so I wo n't judge them one and! Several years with each new collectible minding series am I going to build several frames but. That giant fig can fit if it have accessories that you can grab them for ~ $ 25 USD may. There at an angle base plate 50cm version for £10, but it looked and. Elements that need to place the card appreciate it touching or dust ) I recently an!, for me, it ’ s a good idea to cut it to a mistake but must that... Have accessories that you ’ re a lot of different ways to use the IKEA frame! A long time now, using the brick ( pink, in my case as. Colors obviously don ’ t do the foam board due to a square of 49.5cm x 49.5cm collectio… craft... Bricks on each side the smaller IKEA frame Collectors all have the minifigures for 8, 9 10. Did I come up with the IKEA frames they are a very nice - and cheap - solution place removing. Diy display solutions: Sorry for your kind words and support: ) with collections... No impact on the sides Lego minifigs then displaying them is something you may consider cardboard mount with... With white background and the bricks onto which the minifigs on a and... How to show off your amazing collection eventually appreciate it design and build case., official products can be and is very weak exactly the same situation handmade and are used here to the! Article so I can reference it later when cutting the back of the card ( 1x2 ) and tiles 2x4!

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