Crud #86

Submitted by Barbara Wright on Sun, 12/19/2010 - 12:02

I sure hope there's no word limit here. My son USED to be a sweet, brilliant young adult. He was even valedictorian of his high school. But then he went to college. The first semester, he started hanging out with some girl who slept in the Physics building. The two of them would talk all night and then go to sleep on a couch around 5 AM. So when he starts telling us that he's having focus problems, we told him he needs to be eating and sleeping better. By the end of the next semester, he was complaining about other ailments, so we took him to a doctor for a physical and blood tests, and eventually a psychiatrist, a neurologist and a urologist. Everybody says he's fine, but the psychiatrist had him try ADD medication. After a month, our son said the stuff was helping so I should renew the prescription. I paid $300 and the very next day he decided he wasn't ADD so he threw the pills away! He has been on various medications - for bipolar, depression, anxiety. You name it- he's tried it, all the while blaming us for not getting him help sooner while we keep saying that he needs to be taking better care of himself - he needs to eat and sleep regularly - he can't be going 2 days at a time without either one! So last summer, he met a girl who decided to make him more mainstream. She told him what clothes to wear, how to act, what to say.... and unfortunately, how to spend exorbitant amounts of money and use drugs. He doesn't answer our texts, emails, or phone calls. THEN we find out that he failed a class because he didn't show up for the final exam! THEN we find out that he was failing the class even before he took the exam. And this was an easy class. He took an underload this semester and all of the classes were freshman level classes that all the stupid sports guys take. And what does he have to say for himself? He says that he tells us as little as possible so we don't interfere with the plans of his psychologist, psychiatrist, school, and him!!!!! If that's not crud, I don't know what is!