Crud #107

Submitted by carrie14 on Sat, 01/15/2011 - 06:36

When my Daughter Korrin was little she found herself about neck deep in trouble quite a bit. weather she was caught dumping the whole container of gold fish food into the goldfish bowl, or taking small bite out of as many cookies in the cookie jar as possile before getting busted, or this one, a personal favorite! (uugh rolling my eye's) Over flowing our toilet by throwing hotel shampoo bottle's in and flushin! one time she threw in even a kitten!!! When I would confront her about this behavior, she would blame "The monkey's in her tummy" the monkey's made her do the naughty thing's she did, and sometime's the Monkey's acted alone....according to Korrin. She blamed The Monkey's for everything she got in trouble for.
One day I noticed "someone" had gone through my small flower bed and picked if not uprooted all togethger most of my pretty spring flower's. Annoyed I confronted my little girl."Uh Korrin ? What happend to mama's pretty flower Garden? " She replied I picked some". I began to scold her telling her to ask before she picked flowers out of peoples gardens, I told her I was upset that she had done that. Like countless conversations before Korrin shifted the blame to ...the Monkey's in her tummy- they told her to pick mommy's flower's. Now i'd about had it with "the Monkey's" I used my stern I mean it. mommy voice, and told Korrin to tell the Monkey's that they better be-have or I would give her and her Monkey's spankings! I struggled to not giggle as I herd myself make a thret to "spank a monkey"(heehee) At that Korriny calmly looked up to me and said "The Monkey's dont like you" Yikes ,the haie on my neck stood up,as & I looked at korrin I couldnt help feel like I was in the Twilight zone. I was happy when "the monkey's faded away with age. doo doo doo dooo.