Crud #80

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 12/16/2010 - 02:22

One day my husband and I were in a safeway market with our 2 sons when they when the oldest was 4 and the baby a couple months old. my 4 year old had learned some habits from his uncle who would have him watch the pool area from the windows of are apartment to let his uncle know when an oh oh babe would be out by the pool. well this day in the store we were behind a older women who was quite large in size, when all of a sudden my son pinches her on the rear end and says big butt.He was right by his dad who was right behind him and the woman, when all of a sudden the woman turns around and slaps my husband, who she thought had pinched her rear, my husband looked stunned and i almost burst out laughing by the looks on both there faces. I explained to her my son had done the naughty deed and had him say he was sorry and she apologized to my husband whom she had smacked. but they were both red in the face from the incident.