Crud #97

Submitted by carrie14 on Sat, 01/08/2011 - 07:35

When my son was 2 we were on our way home from the store,as we turned on to a road with a view of some farm land on this light sloped hill we could see a tracter plowing through a piece of farm land. All of the sudden my son matter of factly told me about" his mommy before I was his mommy." He in great detail (for a small child) said "Mommy, before you were my Mommy, I lived in that house thats on fire on that hill." Then he pointed to the tracter and said,"thats what the fire looked like." This was years ago and I brushed it off as make-believe. He told me about his big yellow dog that his mommy had who also died in the fire." He gave me details untill we got home. I wish I would have written down everything he said. as soon as we walked in the house his attention quickly was on his toys at home and he never said another word about it. A few years ago I was watching a talk show with Syilvia Brown. She was talking about past lives, and durring the discussing children and how kids between 1 1/2--5 have been documented, sharing memories about past lives giving details of things that were from the past. Things they have no way of knowing.........just saying..