Crud #105

Submitted by carrie14 on Thu, 01/13/2011 - 18:37

The summer of 1998 my oldest son Evan was just turning 2. As a 2 year old he wanted to do more and more "big boy" things everyday. One afternoon we were at a summer lunch program that fed kids everyday , as well as hosted activitys ,like arts ,and craft's, and story time ,as well as other fun things to do. I had just had my brand new baby Brandon ,and I was rather busy with the 2 boys,and my 5 year old Daughter Korrin. After we finished eating one afternoon my "big boy " Evan needed to use the bathroom before we went to activity time. Evan had been pretty much 100% potty trained, with almost no accidents durring the day. This day he didnt want to use the 'ew...girls' restroom with mommy,like we usaully did when we were out and about. I decieded it would be fine for him to use the boys room ,and get some expierence under his belt so to speak. This was a school rest room,so I Knew he could reach everything He needed,plus I was right outside the door,incase something went wrong......I thought at the very worst he might get his hands messy and need help washing........I didnt see this coming.....
I waited outside the boys restroom while Evan took care of buissness. Durring my wait more boys would go into the bathroom and then they would come out.......Evan seemed to be taking his time. once I was sure the rest room was clear of all other children I went in to investigate. What could he be doing? Playing in the sink? Picking his nose? ......uh..... no. when I got into the rest room and saw my "big boy" It took everything I had not to pee my own pants laughing. Not to mention upsetting Evan. Poor Evan had a frown on his face and I could see he had been hard at work trying to figure out how to solve the issue at hand. While going potty ,Ev had realized he had to go poop too. So as soon as he finished up potting in the urinal, he took his shorts and underware off ,and then sat down in the urinal! When he finished ,he realized he was a bit messy,with squished poo all over his cute little buns.When I came into the bathroom, I could see he was in deep thoughts about how to handle this situation like a big boy, what would a big boy do?