Crud #133

Submitted by mhatresachin on Mon, 10/10/2011 - 16:28

this is just a great insight into the minds of children and how their brains run in super-fast mode even when they are cornered.

i was visiting my sister at her home when this incident happened. her 2 and 1/2 year son rakesh is a brat and constantly doing mischief's and pranks, which he was doing that day too. his parents tried various methods to stop him like plead, scold, criticise etc.. but he wont stop.

it went on to a point that both of them lost their temper and were completely fed up. they both cornered him into the wall and started yelling loudly. suddenly my sister had a not so brilliant idea to punish him physically so he learns some lesson. what she thought of next even scared me. she decided its time he give him a candle burn on his hand.

armed with a burning candle she moved forward yelling " that it now you will be punished for what you are doing ". the little boy cornered from all sides had no hope for escape and it was almost certain he would be punished any-time now.

suddenly as my sister moved near to him the brilliant boy blew the candle and started dancing " happy birthday to you. happy birthday to me". his parents who were fuming with anger a second ago burst into laughter at that very moment. further the boy was not also forgiven but also pampered by his parents.