Crud #169

Submitted by Patricia Rodriguez on Mon, 10/24/2011 - 15:53

about two days ago my Daughter had laid her son down for a nap and closed the door so we would not make noise for my grandson and then later my daughter asked me mom can you please check on Daniel so i did i open the bedroom door and i see my grandson on the floor with the shampoo and conditioner mind you it's the pump bottles and hes there pumping away and getting it all over his hands and on the bottles and i said out loud " O MY GOD" and he looks up and sees me and he gets up and running around trying to find somewhere to hide he runs to me and my daughter comes to get him and then my husband gets him and takes him to wash his hand so he wont get in trouble and all he gets is another bath and mind you this is from a boy that is only 1 year 8 months i laught so hard i don't know when i laught so much.