Crud #129

Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 10/10/2011 - 12:15

I was getting ready to do my little cousin Sade's hair, when she decide it would be funny to run around the house so that i couldn't do it. So as i chase her around the house she's laughing and saying "You cant get me, u cant get me!" I'm yelling back at her "Sade' come here right now! if you don't I'm going to spank you!" as I'm saying this she runs in between couches to run to the living room, and with those last words i said i felt my foot hit something then my life flashing before my eyes. when she had ran through the couches i didn't see that she had jumped over 100 inch projector screen that was rolled up and left on the floor. with nothing to catch my fall i braced myself for the worst because i knew i was going down hard. i went face first into my aunts marble table. As i lay on the floor in complete shock and relieved that i was still alive i felt the throbbing pain in my jaw where i had landed and i could hear my little cousin laughing with evil in her voice. luckily the damage wasn't to bad just a bruised jaw... but I did learn my lesson never to run after her again.