Crud #170

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 10/25/2011 - 10:12

When my brother was 2 and my sister was 3 my mum took them to the doctors because my mum had to get some tests done.

So they got to the doctors and the doctor but her lunch about 4 shelves up above the counter. So my mum was getting her tests and noticed she could only see my brother so she looked around and saw my 3 year old sister had climbed from the chair to the counter then up the shelves took the doctors lunch and was now sitting back on the chair. The doctor started laughing and told my mum that was her lunch but it was okay she would buy a new one.

After about five minutes my mum found my little sister and my 2 year old brother on the floor full blow fighting and my sister had my brother in between her legs in a head lock and my little brother had my sister in a very distorted looking headlock and they were rolling along the floor beating each other up for the crisps.