Crud #145

Submitted by cherryjv on Fri, 10/14/2011 - 08:58

I am a 30 year old mother of two distructive mischievious boys. Don't get me wrong I love my boys, when they are apart they are angels but when they get together everybody run!!!! I have a 7 year old Joshua and a 4 year old Franco and they love getting into mischief. Last month my husband and I decided to watch a movie together when we heard a hard knock at the door. We obviously thought it was the boys because they were playing outside like boys should be doing. But when my husband opened the door there was an angry mob of mothers with there arms crossed, they explained that they were having a birthday party nextdoor and our boys decided to to throw rocks and mud bombs at them targeting all the party guests. My husband and I apoligized and punished the boys, believe me they were grounded for awhile. Another incident was when my husband was at work and I decided to take a 10 minute nap before I had to go to work in acouple of hours. BIG MISTAKE!!! I put a movie on for the boys and told them what I was doing and to PLEASE sit down on the couch and watch the movie quietly. Not even 5 minutes after I dozed off into laa laa land I heard a wierd banging coming from my living room. When I walked into the living room and saw what the boys were doing I was STEAMED!!! Franco and Joshua were up on the couch with a hand saw and a hammer in hand demoshing my wall. OMG!!! It looks as if wolverine came into my living room and decided to dig into my wall. Ofcourse they got punished but i'm just waiting for the next incident. LOL!!!