Crud #141

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 10/12/2011 - 08:57

One day I came home from work to find my front window badly shattered and cracked. I quickly looked round to see a lad kicking football on the grass verge opposite my house. Fuming and seething, I bolted over like a loony, ranting and raving at the boy, wanting to know if it was him who had booted the football into my window!!! The kid burst out crying and said he was off to fetch his dad! So I went into the house, rang the police to get a crime number so that the council would come out to mend the window. The dad knocks on the door and forces the protesting lad to apologise for breaking the window, who I must say, I wasn't very polite to!

Anyway, couple of hours later my teenage daughter comes home, I whinge and moan and tell her about what's happened and about having to clear up the broken glass etc... She agrees that I did the right thing and what a bad lad, blah blah!

A few YEARS later, we were reminiscing about it, that's when she admits that while I was at work, a teenage boy who liked her knocked at the door, so she went outside to talk to him. While they were in the front garden, he leaned forward to give her a kiss, she was a bit taken aback by this, so she grabbed hold of him and smacked his head straight into the window!! Apparently he was fine but shocked and ran off scared witless! Needless to say, I could've wrung her neck! Kids eh! Who'd have 'em? x

Diana Harkin